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Apigenin is a naturally occurring substance with very broad beneficial effects on the human body revealed by more and more studies.

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Apigenin is a flavonoid, a subgroup of flavones.

Flavonoids are considered substances with the most powerful antioxidant properties. Apigenin is characterized by high biological activity, with strong anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-free radical effects. Research is also being conducted for anticancer activity.

Apigenin can be found in many plants present in our diet. The richest sources of apigenin are:

Parsley, celery, onions, oranges, chamomile.


Among the many directions of apigenin's effects, there are four main areas to be distinguished:

Neuroprotective function

Dietarily available apigenin can prevent the activation of microglia and exhibit a protective effect against or delay the onset of Alzheimer's disease. The neuroprotective effect of apigenin has been demonstrated in several studies in mice. Supplementation with apigenin in a mouse model of the disease, yielded improvements in memory and learning deficits and a reduction in fibrillar amyloid deposits with reduced levels of insoluble β-amyloid peptide, which is thought to be crucial in the onset and progression of Alzheimer's disease. In addition, it was shown that apigenin caused restoration of the ERK/CREB/BDNF pathway, which is involved in memory function and is particularly affected by Alzheimer's disease. In another study on mice with amnesia, apigenin improved memory and spatial learning performance.

Antitumor function

In animal experiments, it was noted that the use of apigenin before and during exposure to carcinogens, reduced the risk of developing cancer compared to a control group in which exposure to carcinogens was not accompanied by apigenin consumption. Selective enhancement of tumor cell apoptosis and inhibition of metastasis were also observed. The mechanisms of action responsible for this are similar to those of other common flavonoids, namely antioxidation, inhibition of inflammation and cell cycle progression, and support of hepatic detoxification.

In addition, apigenin improves autophagy - the body's natural process for recovering "building blocks" at the cellular level by "recycling" incorrectly copied cells (which can turn cancerous).

Anti-aging function

Through its anti-inflammatory effects, apigenin is an inhibitor (a chemical that causes a decrease in the rate of chemical reaction) of the CD38 protein - whose production (increasing with age) is linked to the body's response to inflammation, and whose increased presence drains the body's supply of NAD+ - an essential resource needed for the correct regeneration of DNA and cells (whose levels decrease with age) - resulting in accelerated aging.

Regulatory and anabolic function

Apigenin positively modulates GABA(A) receptors[1], resulting in a calming and quieting effect. It also lowers basal cortisol (a key contributor to chronic stress)

In addition, apigenin to some extent inhibits the aromatization of androgens to estrogens - which affects the amount of so-called free testosterone, a key factor in endurance and strength sports.



Eternalis has partnered with one of the world's largest manufacturers of Apigenin - EffePharm, selling its product under the proprietary Apiage (™) trademark. EffePharm is one of the few companies in the world that, in addition to manufacturing supplements, conducts a number of extensive clinical tests examining various aspects and uses of the product to give customers confidence in the complete safety of long-term use.

It is advisable to pay close attention to the manufacturer of the supplement in any offer being compared and to be able to verify the composition. The absence of a manufacturer's designation in the offer and the confirmation of the composition by an independent laboratory, is valuable information in itself. Using supplements from unreliable sources at best can end up with no results at all, and at worst - damage to your health.

Apiage ® logo on the packaging - is the assurance of the highest quality, safety, reproducibility and stability of the product.


Each batch of the product, has been tested to confirm the composition and the presence of heavy metals (certificates attached to the images in the auction).





In the package you will find only Apigenin in powder form with 98% purity, without fillers used in encapsulated products.


In a tightly closed package, at a temperature below 20 degrees, in a dry place, out of the reach of small children. Protect from moisture and light.


Do not use in case of hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients.

How to take:

In the evening, mixing the product with a non-hot water-based liquid. The recommended daily serving of the product is 5 mg/1kg body weight.

Consumption together with NMN enhances the effects of both supplements (NMN provides the raw material for the production of NAD+ in the body, Apigenin reduces the loss of NAD+ through its anti-inflammatory function).

For each package - a 0.25g measure tool free of charge.

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Apigenin Apiage® powder